Cultural Audit

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The Power Of Us cultural audit is our most popular online tool. It works best as a benchmarking exercise, allowing organisations to get an accurate picture of the ‘real’ culture (not the one on the posters). Although it can be done as a ‘stand-alone’ process – generating results, analysis and recommendations – we usually ask clients who have asked to work with us, to start here.

Why Culture?

The culture of an organisation is not determined by its senior leaders. Culture is nothing more than ‘how we do things around here’. So, it’s like oxygen: invisible, but essential. To get a sense of where we want to get to, we have to understand where we are, here and now. The audit does that.

We ask everyone in the organisation to complete it, and we insist upon honesty, anonymity and confidentiality.

If you want to know how it will give you vital data in your culture development programme, please contact us.

Once you've signed up to undertake the audit, each person needs to login to ensure confidentiality. We've made the login process simple, quick and painless!

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