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The Power of Us Agency

Helping You Connect, Act & Innovate Together

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  • The Power of Us is an urgent call for leaders, teams and individuals to challenge the status quo.
    Reader of PoU by David Price OBE
  • This book is the closest thing we’re going to get to a single handbook or guidebook of all of the things that we need to do and consider as organisations and leaders if we are going to be successful in navigating the ambiguity that lies ahead.
    Dave Coplin – CEO, The Envisioner
  • From now on, the most successful organisations will be the ones that truly know how their people can connect, act and innovate together.
    David Price OBE
  • We are witnessing the emergence of ordinary people working together to solve big problems.
    David Price OBE
  • Price’s book offers a roadmap for practical revolutionaries who are striving for change, together.
    Melissa Rowe – Vice-President RAND Corporation

Let THE POWER OF US show you how

About YOU

  • You’ve seen other organisations thrive by capturing the talents and innovation of their people
  • You’re looking for practical ways to reconnect your people to what they love about what you do
  • You know organisation culture is important, but you haven’t cracked it yet and aren’t sure where to start


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About US

We will work with you to change your organisation’s culture together, united by our desire to create cultures that will harness the collective intelligence of your people, promote equality, diversity and innovation.

We will take you behind the scenes of some of the world’s most innovative organisations harnessing the power of collaboration and diverse thinking to effect real change. Patagonia, Brewdog and many others from the Amazon best selling business book The Power of Us.

We’re less like a consultancy, and more a part of a movement to make organisations more creative, more equitable, more engaging and therefore more successful.

Our approach is often rooted in the less observed corners of culture. We believe, for example, that organisations have much to learn from the ‘user mindset’ or from the way social movements arise and function.

About YOU working with US

“Smart leaders know that their job is to be culture builders” – David Price OBE

Culture is two-thirds of everything. So, what’s the cost of getting it wrong?


  • On average, 47% of high-performing employees left their company last year (The Predictive Index’s The 2020 State of Talent Optimization)
  • 60% of CEOs believe employee engagement matters. 28% admit doing something about it. Only 20% measured it (Gallup)
  • An employee who feels engaged and inspired is 125% more productive than the satisfied staffer (Bain & Company’s Time. Talent. Energy)
Garry Ridge

“We had to build trust first. Consistency of leadership is so important – tone at the top is so important. You don’t have to like this company – that’s OK. But if you’re not happy, please go somewhere you can be happy. Because our most important objective is that you’re happy.” – Garry Ridge, CEO WD-40

Imagine getting it right more often than not.

Imagine if your culture was at its very very best…

It constantly surprises us that people would rather fix their systems, or structures, pretty much anything before they get around to fixing their culture. And that’s because there’s no sure-fire methodology to changing your culture, despite the allure of free-snacks and meditation sessions.

“It’s complex and occasionally highly personal work. But the smart leaders know that their job is to be culture builders

Getting your culture right enhances productivity, increases engagement, turbocharges innovation and ingenuity, and builds your brand, because your culture IS your brand. Like we said, it’s two-thirds of everything.

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