Audit Feedback

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This form will help us refine and improve on further versions of the survey. It’s purely optional, but your feedback will be really valuable.

1. The process of completing the survey – how long, in total, did it take you to complete the survey? 2. Did the circumstances surrounding the completion enable you to be completely honest? (Could the screen be seen by others, were you observed, etc) If “No”, please say why not below: 3. Clarity of questions – were any of the questions – and available responses – unclear? If so, could you say which ones were not clear? 4. Errors and Omissions: in terms of how things are done and how people behave in the organisation, is there anything that we should be asking, that we did not? 5. Making improvements – if you have any final specific suggestions to make that would make completing the survey easier or quicker, please use the text box below.
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