You Have to See Before You Can Be

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Published on 15th May, 2024
By Leanne Hamley
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David Price OBE passed away peacefully in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Many of us are deeply struck by the loss of this inspirational man.

David was, first and foremost, a friend, a mentor, and my business partner. We met through our shared desire to help people within organizations become cultural architects, shaping their environments to improve the lives of many.

His book, The Power of Us, was the work of a genius. David, both a musician and an educator, embarked on three years of global research and transformed his learnings into lyrical prose. Each page is beautiful and poignant. As our relationship grew, I realized that David himself embodied these qualities. He possessed a skill often discussed in leadership circles, clinically termed ‘active listening,’ but his ability went far deeper. David – the intellect, the musician, the writer with an OBE – had a way of making you feel special. He drew out qualities in you that you might not have known or had the time to discover within yourself. He listened, probed, pushed, repositioned, and contextualized, making you sound and feel extraordinary. And then he would gently push… having shined a light on you he would push you to do more, be more, to take on adventures you never dreamed of (and you did) because he stood firmly behind you, telling you, you could.

You have to see before you can be. David saw potential in everyone and everything around him, because at his core, David was an artist. And this artist felt deeply. He wore his heart on his sleeve and would cry over the tragedies of Covid and Ukraine, both of which he wrote about and took action against. He and his wife, Clare, opened their home to a Ukrainian family and facilitated the rehoming of many others, embodying selflessness in everything he did. David shed tears for others, for his beautiful wife Clare, and for joy, but never for himself.

David approached his battle with cancer like a researcher, delving into communities to learn from others, challenging his consultants, and exploring every available option without ever giving up and along with the way he defied many of the odds that were against him and made us all question how indestructible he was.

David loved life and saw beauty in everything. His heart was bigger than anyone I have ever met, and for that, I will miss him deeply. Here’s what David would say:

David’s legacy will be left with everyone he taught, who heard him play, who read his book, who heard him speak and who he came into contact with and this legacy will be hard to beat. Rest at peace now David, you will forever be in our hearts.

**Don’t Lose Sight**: Shared by David Price with me, as it’s ‘Proper Music’. A track that reminds me of David – Energy, vigour, a little sweary 🙂 but full of connection and joy. Play it!!

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